IRAMS Frequently Asked Questions

Student receiving help from the help desk

General IRAMS Information

What does IRAMS stand for?

IRAMS stands for Internship Registration and Management System.

Why are students required to fill out an IRAMS application?

In order to register for an internship class, each student is required to fill out an IRAMS application to give the university more information about the internship experience and to provide contact information for the university to reach students in case of an emergency. Once the IRAMS application is completed and has been approved both by the Department Internship Coordinator and the Internship Office, the flag on the internship course will be lifted, enabling the student to enroll for the course through AIM.

Student Questions

How does a student edit their application once they have submitted it or navigated away from it?

A student can always return to their application to make changes (whether their application is still in progress or has already been submitted). To edit the application, the student should open the application for the semester or term they would like to edit, edit the information and click the “submit” button at the bottom of the application to save changes. For more information about accessing the student application see the Student IRAMS Instructions.

What if a student doesn’t know where he/she will be living during the internship at the time of filling out the IRAMS application?

IRAMS was created to keep track of students’ residential contact information so they may be contacted by the university in case of an emergency. Having correct residential contact information is therefore crucial to the application. If a student does not know where he/she will be living during the internship, current contact information should be provided so that the student may move forward with the registration process. However, once the student knows this information, he/she must reopen the application, change the residential information and save the internship application.

If a student completes the IRAMS application, gets it approved by the Internship Coordinator and the Internship Office but then changes plans and decides to do an internship with a different internship provider what does the student need to do?

First, they need to contact their Department Internship Coordinator to confirm approval of the new internship. The student will then need to reopen his/her IRAMS application and update the Internship Provider section, as well as any other fields that may need to be changed. Press submit to save changes and email the Internship Coordinator to let him or her know the IRAMS application has been revised.

What should a student do if he/she has submitted an internship application which has been approved by the department internship coordinator and the student would like to enroll in a different class?

The student should submit a new internship application for the correct internship class. The department internship coordinator and Internship Office will need to approve the new internship application before the student may add the internship class to his/her schedule.

If a student has already completed an application for a semester or term and they want to complete an additional application for a separate semester or term, what should they do?

When the student uses the Quick URL to search for Intern01, usually their most recent application comes up. At the bottom of the application is a button called “Welcome Page” that will take the student back to the welcome page. At the bottom of the Welcome Page, the student can then select a new semester or term to create an application. This new application will be added as a tab on their Welcome Page.

Can a student delete an application?

Currently applications can only be deleted by the student if they have not been approved or denied by their department internship coordinator. Students can update their application and save changes. If the application has already been submitted and the student no longer wishes to complete the application, they can contact their Department Internship Coordinator or the Internship Office who can then delete or deny the application.

What does a student do if there is no submit button at the end of the application?

Contact OIT at 422-4000 to report the problem and receive further assistance.

Once a student completes the IRAMS application is the registration flag only added for that semester or term?

Yes, students must complete a separate internship application for every semester or term the student would like to be enrolled in an internship course.

What if the student has completed their application, but it doesn’t show up in the coordinator’s queue?

The student should first double-check that the application is complete. Even if a student has received an e-mail that the application has been submitted, if it is not showing up in the coordinator’s queue, likely the class credit section has not saved. Reopen the application, select the correct internship course, and press submit to save changes. If this still doesn’t solve the problem, the student or coordinator will need to call OIT at 422-4000 to report the problem and receive further assistance. Review the IRAMS Student Instructions to make sure you have completed the application properly.

Can the Internship Office adjust the number of students who can enroll for an internship class on AIM?

No, class size is set on the department level.

What should a student do if the application won’t allow them to select a class, even if the Internship Provider information has been completed, saved, and shows up in the class credit section?

Contact OIT at 422-4000 to report the problem and receive further assistance.

What should a student do if their coordinator is out of town and not available to approve applications?

Contact the department to see if there is another available faculty member to approve applications in the coordinator’s absence. The department can contact the Internship Office (801-422-3337) to get the designated coordinator for a specific section changed so that student registration is not held up.

Do students completing an international internship need to complete the IRAMS student application?

No. Students doing an international internship should work with the Kennedy Center and their Department Internship Coordinator to get internship approval and to register for internship credit.

What if a student receives an email saying that they are an international student when they are not an international student?

The emails sent out by IRAMS are automatic emails--if you have received a wrong email it is because of a glitch in the system. If you are not an international student you do not need to meet with the international services office; you can disregard the email and register for the internship course as usual through online BYU registration.

What if a student has received an email from the Internship Office notifying them they can register, registration shows an “A” next to the class, but they are still unable to add the course?

The IRAMS system merely adds the flag to a course allowing the “A” to show up in registration. Additional restrictions on internship courses are set at the department level. Contact the department to see if additional restrictions have been put on a specific internship course.

Can a student do multiple internships (with different Internship Providers) at the same time?

Yes. If a student will be interning with multiple Internship Providers, each of these Internship Providers should be listed on the IRAMS application under the Internship Provider Information section. This can be done by filling out the information for one internship first and then pressing the “add” button. The fields will clear and the student can add the information for the second internship.

Once the IRAMS application has been approved by the Department Internship Coordinator and the Internship Office, will the student be automatically enrolled in the Internship course?

No. Final approval of the IRAMS application from the Internship Office merely adds the flag to the internship course. The student will need to add the class just like any other class.

Can students just register for spring term, even if their internship will extend into summer?

According to new university policy, domestic students can now register for all their credits in spring term for an internship that extends across spring and summer terms (this new policy does not apply to international students). Students should fill out an IRAMS application for spring and list the full dates of their internship. Once their application has been approved they can register for just spring term. A T-grade will be given at the end of spring term which will be replaced by a final grade once the student has completed the internship. Students cannot, however, register for only summer term and apply hours worked in spring. This is considered retroactive credit and will not be granted by the university. Please note that this policy ONLY applies to spring/summer enrollment.

How many credits can the student register for once their application has been approved?

Credits are determined at the department level. The university internship policy states that students are required to work a minimum of 42 work hours per 1 credit hour earned; however, departments have the right to increase the number of work hours required per credit hour. If students have questions about how many credits they can register for and if these credits will count as general elective credit or toward their major, they should contact their Department Internship Coordinator.

Can students change the number of credits they are registered for after they have added the class and started their internship?

Yes. If the student would like to change this before the add/drop deadline, the easiest way is to simply drop the class and re-add it with the desired number of credits. If this change needs to be made after the add/drop deadline, the internship coordinator will need to send a detailed email to if it is between the current semester or term add/drop deadline and the discontinuance deadline.

Please include the following in the email sent to

  • Internship Coordinator Name
  • Internship Program/Department
  • Student Name
  • Student BYU ID
  • Current Semester/Term
  • Internship Course Name, Number and Section
  • Number of credit hours the class enrollment should be changed to
  • Reason for the change

If it is past the discontinuance deadline, the student will need to complete on online petition process found on the Registration Office website

Can a student add an internship course after the add/drop deadline?

Students whose internship applications are approved by the Internship Office after the add/drop deadline and before the discontinuance deadline will be automatically added into the internship course by the Records and Registration Office. Once the Internship Office approves a student’s internship application after the add/drop deadline and before the discontinuance deadline for a semester, IRAMS will send an automatic email to the Registration Office staff to have the class automatically added to the student’s schedule. The IRAMS generated email will include the information provided from the student’s internship application. Coordinators need to be absolutely precise with the class number, section and the number of credits on the student’s internship application since that information will be used by the Registration Office to add the class to the student’s schedule.

Can a student register for more than one internship class during a semester or term?

Yes. The student will need to submit an IRAMS application for each class he/she is registering for. Students must receive approval from both internship coordinators as well as approval from the Internship Office and work enough hours on their internship to qualify for the credits they are receiving. Students may not count the same hours for both internship classes (i.e. 42 work hours does not equal 1 credit for COMMS 496R and 1 credit for BUS M 496R).

Coordinator Questions

What should a coordinator do if they try to approve an application and a message pops up that says the dates on the application are incomplete?

The coordinator should double check that the begin and end dates of the internship are within the semester or term of the application. Second, the coordinator should check to see if the student has listed multiple Internship Providers for their internship; if multiple internship providers are listed the dates listed for each internship must be within the semester or term. You will know that a student has entered multiple Internship Providers if there is a drop-down menu in the “Internship Provider” text box in the Internship Provider Information” section. If there is a duplicate entry for the same internship provider, delete one of the Internship Provider entries and click the “Save” button. Coordinators should be able to approve the application without any trouble. If the dates from all given Internship Providers are within the semester or term and the application is still not allowing approval, please contact OIT at 422-4000 for further assistance.

What should a coordinator do if they have approved an application but it is still showing up under “Submitted Applications” in their queue?

Occasionally students will accidentally enter their Internship Provider information in twice (as if they were interning with two companies when they are only interning with one). Check to see if this is the case. If the Internship Provider appears twice, delete one of the entries (by clicking the “delete” button under the Internship Provider section) and then save your changes by clicking the “save” button.

How should a coordinator or department schedule an internship course?

Please work with your department schedulers when submitting internship courses to be scheduled to make sure all internship courses are set up with “O” registration method. If they have “S” registration method, the students will not be able to register online once they have completed the IRAMS process.

What should a coordinator do if a student says they have completed an IRAMS application but it is not showing up in the coordinator’s queue?

If the student’s application is not showing up in the coordinator’s queue, they likely either haven’t submitted their application or the “class credit” section of their application didn’t save. Coordinators can check to see if either one of these possibilities is the case by searching for the student’s application using “Intern01.” Coordinators access this by typing “Intern01” in the QuickURL box on the BYU homepage (when logged in to Route Y). This should pull up the “Student Internship Application” page. Coordinators can search for students by typing in the student’s first and last name at the top of the screen. Searches can also be conducted by typing in the student’s Net ID or ID number into the “Last Name/Identifier” box. 

If the application has not been submitted, the following text will appear under the Department Coordinator Endorsement heading: This student's Internship Application HAS NOT been submitted yet. It will not show up in your queue. The coordinator should then instruct the student to re-access their application and click the “submit” button at the bottom of the screen. 

If the class credit section has not saved, coordinators can select the desired class from the drop-down menu and click “save” at the bottom of the section. The application should then appear in the coordinator’s queue.

What should a coordinator do if a student selects the wrong course number or section number on his/her application and the coordinator has already approved the application?

The Internship Office approval of a student's application places a flag on the specific internship class section the student selected on the IRAMS application. If a student selects the wrong class and the coordinator has already approved the application, the coordinator should let the Internship Office know the correct course number/section number so we may enter the correct information and revert the student's application. Once the application has been reverted both the coordinator and the Internship Office will need to re-approve the student's application.

What should a coordinator do if they enter 0.5 in the credits field on a students application and they get an error message that says, "value needs to be greater than 0"?

Instead of entering 0.5, just enter .5 in the credit field. The system will then be able to recognize this as a valid number.