After the Add/Drop Deadline

Student’s whose internship applications are approved by the Academic Internship Office after the add/drop deadline and before the discontinuance deadline will be automatically added into the internship course by the Records and Registration Office. Once the Academic Internship Office approves a student’s internship application after the add/drop deadline and before the discontinuance deadline for a semester, IRAMS will send an automatic email to the Registration Office staff to have the class automatically added to the student’s schedule. The IRAMS generated email will include the information provided from the student’s internship application. Coordinators need to be absolutely precise with the class number, section and the number of credits on the student’s internship application since that information will be used by the Registration Office to add the class to the student’s schedule.

Sample Email - Late Internship Add Request


Change the Number of Credits After the Add/Drop Deadline

If you have a student who is enrolled in an internship course and needs to change the number of credits for the internship course, the internship coordinator will now send a detailed email to if it is between the semester or term add/drop deadline and the discontinuance deadline.

Please include the following in the email sent to

  • Internship Coordinator Name
  • Internship Program/Department
  • Student Name
  • Student BYU ID
  • Current Semester/Term
  • Internship Course Name, Number and Section
  • Number of credit hours the class enrollment should be changed to

If it is past the discontinuance deadline, the student will need to complete on online petition process found on the Registration Office website

Sample Email to Change Number of Credits