Students whose internship applications are approved by the Internship Office after the add/drop deadline and before the discontinuance deadline will be added into the internship course by the Records and Registration Office. Once the Internship Office approves a student’s internship application after the add/drop deadline and before the discontinuance deadline for a semester, IRAMS will send an automatic email to the Registration Office staff . The IRAMS generated email will include the information provided from the student’s internship application.

Changing the number of credits after the add/drop deadline

If a student is enrolled for more or less credits than they need or qualify for then their department internship coordinator will need to send an email to the records and registration office requesting a change in credits.

Internships are mostly managed at a department level. Students should contact their department about potential internship opportunities. Internship Providers should contact departments about potential internship opportunities for students. Internship Providers will need to determine which area of general university study best fits the internship description. (i.e. A media relations position = Communications). Then using the Department Internship Coordinators List, select the BYU department that has programs in the chosen area of study. (i.e. Fine Arts & Communications, School of Communications) and contact the appropriate Department Internship Coordinator with the proposed internship. (i.e. Ali Davis = Internship Coordinator for the School of Communications).

If you're interning with Intermountain Healthcare (and/or other various medical providers), documentation of current immunizations, background check results and drug screen results need to be uploaded on the Student Obligation Documents page before you can register for your internship class. Student's interning with IHC can refer to the Student IHC Checklist. Some resources for obtaining these requirements can be found here.

If you are interning with another medical provider or hospital please check the Student Obligation Documents page after your department internship coordinator has approved the application for any documents that may be required.

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